Artist Statement:

My style has evolved in many different ways, and continues to develop with each new project.  I really began to harness a solid theme a couple years after college.  Missing the experience of learning every day, and expanding my mind, I realized I could use my art to explore new ideas and concepts.

I believe in the soul of all things and the connections that inherently exist, those which support us all. My current body of work reflects the personal drama of experiencing a life-threatening accident and the introduction to the incredible healing that occurred as a result. The transformation that took place because of the magical powers of nature and spirit sparked a passion for exploration.

Each painting begins with intent and research and grows from inspirations that appear from its central theme.  The dichotomy of life, and the light versus the dark are often present and uncovered through the process. It’s important for me to have a purpose to my art. Through symbolism and recognizable images, I express how each part connects to a greater whole and in that, a greater story.


Artist Bio:

Kathryn grew up in Connecticut, where she spent her childhood enforcing her love and passion for art, from raiding her fathers art supplies to taking advanced placement high school classes. In college, Kathryn traveled to Florence, Italy to study art at the Florence University of the Arts. She graduated with a BFA from the University of Tampa in 2011. Since then, Kathryn has exhibited her work in North Carolina, California, Florida, and elsewhere, including “Collectors Choice” in Camarillo, California.

Throughout Kathryn’s journey through life she has explored and learned about the dichotomies of life and they undeniable way everything is connected and has it’s and place. In 2012 Kathryn was in a life-threatening accident and was introduced to the incredible healing benefits of honey. Experiencing the transformation that took place because of this magical product of nature sparked a passion for learning about gifts from nature and the animal kingdom. The impact of this experience on her painting is self -evident. Her current work is based heavily on the light and the dark, the uncomfortable and the beautiful, and the fluidity of identity and soul. Through the use of symbolism and recognizable images, she connects a visual image to a theme and in that, a greater story.

She works primarily in oil paints and aerosol, creating either large scale murals on walls, or on canvas, wood, and animal bones themselves. She has murals all over the country including numerous in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee. Her work on animal skulls has sparked the interest of many, and has earned her numerous commissions for private collectors and public art projects.

Please look at my curriculum vitae for more information.